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Who We Are

People are continuing to find new ways to interact online using the power of social media. One way that social media services are often used is to stage contests or take votes for personal or business use. While people and businesses can try to use conventional sites to hold contests and votes, challenges can arise due to their many limitations. If you're frustrated with how hard it is to count votes, attract voters and show off entries for contests on conventional social media sites, it's time for you to discover the better place to start your competitions--FlowRank!

FlowRank !

FlowRank is a social media site devoted entirely to competitions. Anyone can sign up and start a competition of their own in seconds or register and cast their votes in hundreds of online competitions. The site is simple, fun and easy to use, and it makes holding competitions of all kinds easier than ever before.

How it's Used for

There are so many ways that FlowRank can be used by individuals and businesses. With the simple-to-use competition creation form you can: - Sponsor photo contests through your business to gain publicity and award the winning customer a special prize - Put your photography or photoshopping skills to the test against friends or classmates - Get help choosing an outfit for a special event, a paint color for the walls in your living room or anything else you might want to compare - Gauge public opinion regarding issues and topics related to politics, science, religions, cultural issues and pop culture - Find out what your customers are interested in and use the information to refine your market strategies - Just have fun with old friends and new ones by creating imaginative competitions and contests online

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Why could we use Flowrank

Whether you wish to use FlowRank for personal use, growing your business or a combination of both, you're sure to benefit from the site's unique design. Because FlowRank was developed specifically for contests and competitions, it automates everything from voting calculations to closing the competition and declaring a winner when it's finished. At any time, you and your voters can check out the Competition Statistics at the top of the page to see what the latest results are. The Dashboard function lets you easily make changes and updates to your contest, and voters can share your contest to Facebook, Twitter, Linked in or Google+ with just one click

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Both photos and videos can be entered onto the competition pages in FlowRank, allowing for endless contest possibilities. How will you use FlowRank? Register today and discover all of the ways that you can have fun, learn new things and interact with people all around the world. When it comes to creating social-based competitions, there is no competition for FlowRank. See for yourself why this social voting network is the best to hold your contest!